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In the world of paper packaging, people are confused about the different boards used and the terms used to describe it.

Though reams can be written on the subject, our attempt is to simplify it for you.

There are generally 4 types of materials used for packaging.

  • Paper Board
  • Kraft Board
  • Rigid Board
  • Corrugated Board

Paper Board Packaging Boxes

Boxes made with paper board are also referred to as the folding carton or monotype carton, and the most commonly used material for retail packaging.

Available in a variety of thickness (gsm) and paper quality based on the pulp used.

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Paper Board

Kraft Board Packaging Boxes

Kraft board are 100% recycled bio-degradable environment friendly board.

They are traditionally brown in colour with high elasticity and high tear resistance.

Ideal for packing both ethnic products as well as high end jewellery.

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Kraft Board

Rigid Board Packaging Boxes

Rigid Boards are non-bending chipboard and is overwrapped with printed paper or any ready paper stock and boxes are delivered as ready to use.

Used for making sturdier boxes where the products are heavy or the product is for the niche market.

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Rigid Board

Corrugated Board Packaging Boxes

Corrugated board has a wavy or fluted layer sandwiched between two outer flat layers called as liners.

One flute sandwiched between two flat layers of paper board is called as 3-ply corrugated board.

Two flute sandwiched between three flat layers of paper board is called as 5-ply corrugated board.

The more the no. of ply, more sturdier the box.

The outer liner can be a white paper board or a kraft board.

Corrugated board box is generally used as an outer shipping carton; however it is being commonly used as a primary retail packaging box also.

Corrugated boxes are strong and robust with extra cushioning to protect fragile items and widely used in the electronic and food industry.

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Corrugated Board

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